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My artwork setup

I am going to write about my setup in this post. My setup is this: One 4-5 year old iPad that might disintegrate any minute now, an awful Meko stylus that has terrible sensitivity, and Procreate. Now, I’m not saying I can’t make great artwork with this setup, I’m very proud of some of my art, but I won’t be able to when my iPad ceases to exist. My way around this, is to have a Teespring shop to raise money for a new iPad and stylus. It would be a massive help to me if you could just consider checking out my shop, you don’t even have to buy anything, just look at it and if you do like something, it would be soooo awesome of you to purchase it.

Sorry for this post being a bit like begging, but this blog in fact is my only way of advertising my shop, so yeah.

Here’s the link:

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Sandworm artwork

Lonely Sandworm

This is a fun piece of art I made depicting a lost and lonely sandworm. I was playing with the idea of “What if I made a monster and designed it to look not evil?” It doesn’t look any less evil than any sandworm design-wise but I think the pose and the lack of anything else in the scene save for sand and sky makes it look sad and lonely.