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This is my first blog post, (aside from the place holder text that I used as a test) anyway, I would like to introduce myself, I am a teensy tiny business owner,-If you can even call a Teespring shop owning a business- I love to draw and make art digitally. One day, I decided that I would try and make some extra money in my spare time and what better way to do that than a Teespring shop? (Obviously, there are many better ways but I didn’t realize that at the time), So I started the shop and so far I have made a total of close to nothing. I think it’s because I didn’t pay Teespring fifty cents for them to advertise my work, so I have to send the link to people if they want to see my shop and the only money I’ve made is from people who I sent the link to. Here is the link: Please check it out, and if you like my work, please consider purchasing something? I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you,