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I made some voxel art!

I really like voxel art, so I made a voxel lighthouse in Magicavoxel! its a free, simple, easy to use 3d voxel modeling program with no catch! (This is not sponsored) You can get it for free here!

Anyway this is the art I made with it!

Lighthouse at dusk scene!

I tried to use a bunch of different features like the materials: light, glass(for water) and shape generators. I also turned the brightness down and the fog up so it looks like a night beach scene.

I will be making more voxel art in the future and possibly write a review/tutorial for Magicavoxel, but I will still do lots of hand drawn art, other 3d art and even more other kinds!

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Improvements and announcements!

Yay! If you think that headline sounds exciting, you are extremely wrong, I literally just fixed a typo in the 50th moon anniversary shirt I also made a few other minor changes so be sure to check that out!

More exciting news! The Apollo 11 lander sticker and astro t-shirt will be staying in my shop! the anniversary one is still limited edition though so if you want that one now is the time to get it from my shop!

I apollo-gize for not uploading more art to this blog lately I have just been really busy lately but now that it is summer, that should hopefully be over soon and I will be posting more art.

Bye! ?

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I am currently making a whole new batch of shirts to post to my shop such as the one shown below!

Lightning bolt shirt!

That one will also be a sticker!

There are a couple others as well but I won’t show them because I don’t want to spoil them all.

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My artwork setup

I am going to write about my setup in this post. My setup is this: One 4-5 year old iPad that might disintegrate any minute now, an awful Meko stylus that has terrible sensitivity, and Procreate. Now, I’m not saying I can’t make great artwork with this setup, I’m very proud of some of my art, but I won’t be able to when my iPad ceases to exist. My way around this, is to have a Teespring shop to raise money for a new iPad and stylus. It would be a massive help to me if you could just consider checking out my shop, you don’t even have to buy anything, just look at it and if you do like something, it would be soooo awesome of you to purchase it.

Sorry for this post being a bit like begging, but this blog in fact is my only way of advertising my shop, so yeah.

Here’s the link: